Privacy Policy

Errorception takes privacy very seriously. However, to better understand how Errorception deals with privacy, it's useful to break it down a bit.

Your data

  • Any of your information Errorception records is only used to personalize the site and related stuff, like emails.
  • I will never sell or redistribute your information to anyone.

Your users' data

  • Errorception doesn't record any personally-identifiable data about your users by default. Effectively, all your users are anonymous to Errorception.
  • This error data is only displayed to you and others you've added to your project explicitly.
  • You can augment your error data with additional meta-data from users, using the _errs.meta object. Other than recording and displaying this data back to you, Errorception doesn't use such data in any way.
  • Regardless of what kind of data is recorded, I will never redistribute your users' information to anyone.
  • The error data recorded could be used by Errorception in several ways. It could be displayed on Errorception's site, sent to you over email, made available over an API call when you use Errorception's HTTP API, or pushed to third-party services that you've configured in your Settings > Service Hooks. Once the data leaves the boundaries of Errorception and into your HTTP API client or the service hook, Errorception's privacy policy doesn't apply anymore. While the data lies within Errorception, we take all the care we can. Once the data leaves Errorception there's no way to enforce control.

Protect yourself

In your privacy policy, state something to the effect of We collect anonymous, non-identifiable data about users. You know, just in case. The exact message will vary depending on what data you are sending with _errs.meta.