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Record custom metadata

Record metadata to identify your users and know what they were doing

You can record custom metadata with your errors by creating an _errs.meta object, which is made available to you in your error logs. For example:

_errs.meta = {
  email: "",
  sessionId: 4138727492,
  lovesCats: true

When an error occurs, Errorception checks to see if an _errs.meta object exists, and if it does, it is serialized and passed to the server along with the error.

The meta object can contain keys that have values of types string, number, or boolean. If any other value type is encountered, it isn't recorded.

When an error occurs, the meta object is re-serialized. This means that you can change properties in the meta object at any time, and the latest values in the object at the time of the error will be recorded.

If you are concerned about his this data is used by Errorception, you might give the privacy policy a look.