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Frequently Asked Questions

A list of some of the most frequently asked questions

Getting Started

So, what is this about?
Errorception is a simple painless way to find out about JavaScript errors as they happen in your users’ browsers. Whenever an error occurs, it is posted to Errorception's server so that you can review them at your convenience.
I hear you have a philosophy for this?
Yes. Errorception will always be high-performance and highly reliable. On no account will Errorception affect either your page load time or your execution time. Even if all hell breaks loose, Errorception won't affect your site at all.
Will my users know that I'm using Errorception?
Errorception adds no visual element to your site at all. Unless your users view-source, they won't know that you are using Errorception.
How do I use Errorception?
After you sign up, you will get a little script snippet. Simply insert that snippet in the pages that you want to track errors, such that it is located before all other script tags. That's all — you'll start recording errors as they happen!

Technical questions

Will Errorception modify my code?
Oh no! I treat your code as sacred. Neither do you need to make any changes to your code, nor will I make any changes to your code in any way. Your code executes just as it used to. Errorception works completely externally to your code.
How does Errorception work?
Put simply, Errorception listens to window.onerror on your page, and reports any findings from there. Though this is non-standard (like Ajax once was), it is supported by all popular browsers. Of course things are a little more complicated than that, but that's the gist.
Will Errorception work with minified code?
Yes! Errorception supports source-maps in every modern browsers. Read the source-maps docs.
Do I get stack-traces?
Yes! Many modern browsers will give you stack-traces without you having to do any additional work. Read more about stack-trace support.
Can I send custom errors to Errorception?
Yes! Go over to the docs for _errs.push.
Can I send custom data with the errors?
Yes! You can send as much data as you like with your errors. Read the _errs.meta docs.
Which browsers are supported?
All browsers that support window.onerror are supported by Errorception. Currently, this means that Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome 10+, Safari 4+, Opera 9+, iOS5+, and Chrome on Android are supported. That's practically every browser out there!